Charger Battery

Kaitlin Mahar


+ After a too-long hiatus, UNH’s own Boys II Yen is back with more hits. Expect an exclusive interview in music section of The Charger Bulletin.

+ Also back is Richard Rotella’s brightly-colored clothing, which includes a yellow jacket that is a perfect reminder of the warmer summer months, since looking at it is like staring directly into the sun.


– For everybody who’s been complaining about The Charger Bulletin publishing opinion articles because you find them offensive, you won’t believe what it did next: it tweeted about last week’s Charger Battery, but FORGOT TO INCLUDE THE LINK.

– RIP to all the bikini bodies that are just going to get absolutely demolished this week. Gobble gobble indeed.

Battery Charge

Thanksgiving is finally here, and besides the obvious things like family, friends, significant others, not having to eat at Bartels on Thanksgiving, and, of course, Plan B, there are several other things we have to be thankful for. Do a little soul-searching, and think about how different your lives could be without the little things. For example, I’m thankful that Richard Rotella hasn’t sued me yet and that I won’t be spending the holiday season in jail.