Charger Battery

Kaitlin Mahar


+ Just one week is standing between us and Thanksgiving. One. Week.

+ Has anybody seen that new, futuristic vending machine in Kaplan? Finally, there’s a work of functional art of which UNH can be proud.


– For many freshman, this week is proving to be a long one, particularly with Bartels food taunting us in the face of the home-cooked meals that await. It’s okay, kids, you can be reunited with your mommies soon.

– Well, except for Richard Rotella, whose mother has obviously barred him from the house until he comes home with a Master’s Degree. Sorry Richard–maybe President Kaplan would open his doors to you this holiday season?

The Battery Charge

On a more serious note, the UNH community sends its thoughts and prayers to the students and citizens of Beirut, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Missouri, and Paris. No matter what your religious or political affiliations, we can all agree that the world needs love now more than ever. Be kind to the person next to you and try to do a little something to help out anybody you see struggling. You never know what kind of an effect you may have on their day/life.