Charger Battery

Kait Richmond


+ Congratulations to the killer cast and crew of Psycho Beach Party and their KCACTF nominations!

+ On behalf of those who went out on Halloween, I’d like to congratulate Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump on growing back his legs and thus regaining his ability to walk. A true Halloween miracle.


– Now that Halloween is over, all we’re left with is freezing cold weather and nothing to look forward to, unless you count President Obama treating a turkey like it has human rights as entertainment.

– UNH’s PETA representatives are probably going to come after me for the above comment, so I should probably mention now that Richard Rotella told me to do it while wearing his Macklemore mink coat.

The Battery Charge

Now that registration has begun, that comes as a sign that the semester is nearly over – just a month left until finals week! That being said, try not to leave any important assignments until the last minute. Things will be hectic enough with the holidays coming up, and if we all screw up, then Richard Rotella has to stay on campus during winter break and retake all of the exams and rewrite all of the papers everybody bombed.