Charger Battery

Kaitlin Mahar


+ Dave Coulier left the crowd simultaneously laughing and reliving their childhoods Friday night with his standup routine.

+ Preparation for finals has begun, and, in the case of those who already know that they’re going to fail their finals, preparation to kill off the remainder of your brain cells at the Campbell Crawl has also begun.



– John Stamos did not make an appearance this

– Despite what some students thought they saw, that was Richard Rotella, not John Stamos walking around this weekend. John Stamos would never wear those Margaritaville pants.

Battery Charge

The last week of classes is finally arrived, and we’re nearly free until school starts up again in the fall. Make good use of your reading day on Thursday, so that fun in the sun will be that much more rewarding. Congratulations to the graduating seniors, and good luck to all the underclassmen on your exams!