Charger Battery

Sam Drotar


Family Day, wahoo!! Between the inflatable fun fest, old time photos, and a hypnotist it was a packed weekend. I wonder how long all of you spent cleaning the dorm…and hiding things…for the fam!

Is it me, or are we having an unusually large amount of hypnotist performances?…OK.
WHO else is excited for Halloween?!?! What are you gonna be? I have no idea…I need some creative ideas.

P.S.—Did anyone know that there was an article in the Boston Globe about UNH Football?!?!? COOL!


Ah the fall! The leaves changing, the cool crisp air, the time we realize how much it sucks to have a campus on a hill! The wind is atrocious! There are some days when the wind is so bad that you can forget any sort of hairstyle you attempted! Once it snows, I think the residents of Forest Hills (myself included) will regret the whole “distance” thing. It is going to suck!

BY the way! Laundry sucks. It sucks enough that it has to be done in the first place, but the fact that it is apparently $2.50 a machine in Forest Hills made me pass out. RIDICULOUS!

Sucks that Southern won the football game. 🙁 STUPID OWLS!