Camila Cabello releases new “Familia” album


Photo courtesy of @camila_cabello on Instagram

Camila Cabello during Familia Live event, April 8, 2022

Saige Batza, Student Life Editor

After much anticipation, Camila Cabello fans can finally stream the pop star’s third studio album, “Familia,” released last Friday. The album features both upbeat and tear-jerking tracks that highlight Cabello’s transparent vulnerability with her fans.

One of the first songs listed on the album, “psychofreak,” narrates Cabello’s journey of healing and anxiety over the past decade. Having been recognized as a role model for women across the world, Cabello has acknowledged that it’s not always easy being in the public eye 24/7, as she mentions in the second verse of the song: “Everybody says they miss the old me, I been on this ride since I was fifteen.”

Cabello even mentions her ex-band mates, Fifth Harmony, who she had unresolved conflicts with after departing from the group in 2016. In the second verse of the song, she sings, “I don’t blame the girls for how it went down.”

During a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, the artist opened up about the inspiration behind her work. “I started this album during what was a low mental health period for me,” she said. “My own battles with anxiety and mental health, I was young, and I felt a lot of shame in talking about it. I’m not trying to prove myself to anybody or impress anybody, I’m just trying to be me, be vulnerable. Being seen is [part of] the healing.”

Other records released on the album include “Quiet” and “Boys Don’t Cry,” both sultry and emotionally-driven songs that reveal hidden truths behind her relationship with ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes. During the second verse of “Quiet,” Cabello depicts an image of a man who fans suspect can only be her ex-lover, who she broke up with back in November. She sings, “Did you get taller? Your hair is longer. Couple tattoos since I saw ya.”

“Boys Don’t Cry” features lyrics that reveal the conflict Cabello was facing during her relationship with Mendes before their mutual public break-up. During the second verse of the song, she sings, “Hate it when you shut me out, acting like it’s your s*** to figure out. Don’t wanna be touched, don’t wanna discuss, I get it I just, uh. Now I’m in my head, about what’s in your head. Come back to bed, can we talk about it?”

Cabello also collaborated with Ed Sheeran on their most recent hit single, “Bam Bam” and released a music video for the song on March 5. The release has already gained tremendous traction from fans all over the world, gaining almost 40,000,000 views.

“Familia” is available to stream on all major music platforms.