BSU Hosts 2nd Annual “Save A Breast” Fair

Elizabeth Field

UNH’s Black Student Union hosted its second annual “Save a Breast Fair” this past Saturday, Oct. 20, in the Beckerman Rec Center. BSU partnered with many other UNH Recognized Student Organizations such as W.R.I.T.E Poetry club, WHNU Student Radio, Psychology Club, Rotaract and the Office of Residential Life in order to present students with an array of information and entertainment about breast cancer awareness.

Black Student Union President, Cora St. Marie, served as Sergeant at Arms last year and helped develop the annual fair after noticing many clubs and orgs holding separate, smaller events to highlight breast cancer awareness month.

“This collective effort is much more impactful,” she said. “This year we decided to carry on the tradition after such a successful run. We are bringing all clubs and organizations together for a common and important cause.”

She estimated that nearly 250 students would enter the Beckerman Rec Center that day to participate in activities such as face painting, creating stress balls, poetry reading, trivia questions, manicures, letter writing and volunteer opportunities.

WHNU was on site, streaming music from the event. Kylie, a music industry and mass communications major attended the event as a representative of WHNU.

“This is such a great event and we are so pleased to be invited to help out with such a wonderful cause. Most events on campus are not this well prepared,” she said.

Kylie was able to write a letter to a breast cancer survivor at a table hosted by ORL. “Girls Love Mail” is a charitable letter-writing organization that encourages volunteers to send letters of encouragement to recently diagnosed patients, bringing inspiration and cheer to their day.

BSU and their cosponsors sought to raise awareness about breast cancer and end some serious misconceptions surrounding the disease by holding their second annual four-hour fair.