Blast from the Past

Michelle R Morra

Everyone remembers things from their childhood: like games and food.  Well if you enjoy getting to be a child again, then you should have joined SCOPE Day Programming on Monday, September 26 in the Quad for “Blast from the Past,” where you could have enjoyed giant games and fun food.

There were numerous giant games that students enjoyed playing with their friends.  Do you remember the games Kerplunk, Checkers, Jenga, or Chess?  Well they had all those and more.  Students enjoyed playing giant Twister with a bunch of their friends, and it was hilarious watching people climbing over each other.  And Jenga made the entire Quad echo when somebody lost and the wood blocks fell.  Everyone was having so much fun.

The other games they had were chess and checkers.  These classic games had students thinking hard and keeping their brains on “their toes”, as they say.  And of course what child didn’t play Connect 4 when he or she was ten.  It had to be the most popular game at the event.  Some of the games were quick and others were so long that students were running out of tiles.  Everyone was having a competitive and fun time playing against each other.

Of course, what event is complete without food?  Cotton candy was seen all over campus because as they passed through the quad, students were getting their hands on some.  SCOPE was making cotton candy by the dozens and just couldn’t keep up with the demand.

All in all, the event was great, and students had a relaxing time having the chance to go back to their childhoods.  Playing games was relaxing and students could walk away with a snack.  Now this event makes me miss the good old days.