Black Student Union: A welcoming haven for diversity

Leah Myers

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On April 22, the Black Student Union held a discussion on natural beauty from 8:30 to 10 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge.

There were 23 people in attendance, some of them being organization members.

Many topics were brought up and analyzed under the main question, “What is natural beauty?”

The topics included debates on use of makeup, shaving, dyeing of hair, classification of pointed nails, use of weaves and drawing on eyebrows.

Tons of opinions were tossed around, including the determination of where to wear the trend, how it is judged in our society and if it makes someone natural or not.

The initial conclusion of the discussion was that the utilization of extravagant cosmetics and accessories are socially acceptable when used in a non-professional environment and that so many people have their own definition of natural beauty.

Students in the discussion felt comfortable expressing their opinions. Students walking in during the discussion were able to jump right into the conversation.

Jeanny Francis, the Executive Assistant of the BSU, says that the group is a home away from home.

The BSU executive board also has a Historian, Taylor Stewart, to moderate the social media accounts, create event flyers and archive past events.

One of the social media outputs they use is Snapchat in order to post videos of an event without over-posting elsewhere. The BSU wants to interact with their members even when they cannot attend the events.

“You can only post so much on Instagram,” said Stewart.

Past events include a discussion of black families portrayed on TV and the Black and Latino Alumni weekend, a show-and-tell for past organization members to see how much their clubs have grown.

February is a huge month for BSU because of Black History Month. The group holds several events throughout February to celebrate black history.

“If you don’t know where you’re from, where are you gonna go?” Francis said.

The organization is also dedicated to community service and spreading awareness of many issues, such as breast cancer.

On April 29, BSU will put on a Gospel Fest with Cru, a Christian group at UNH, as a co-sponsor.

The BSU welcomes and encourages students of all races to attend their meetings, discussions, and events.

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Black Student Union: A welcoming haven for diversity