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I am currently working at my job as a Life Skills Coach for $12/hour and I am two years in to college. With a Bachelor’s Degree, I can move up in the company but only with a $2 raise. Sometimes I wonder why I am even going to college. A Bachelor’s Degree seems like nothing today. What do you think I should do?

-Concerned Cutie
Dear Concerned Cutie,

I can definitely understand your frustration; as college students, I think we all have questioned if this is even worth it. The answer: it definitely is!

No value can be placed on the education we are receiving and although we may have times where it feels like we want to quit and just work full time, it is way more worth it to stick it out and get that diploma.

This job may not be paying you well, but it sounds like the experience as a Life Skills Coach will definitely teach you a lot and open a lot of doors for yo when you do finish your degree; then, you could work on getting a job in a company that values a degree more.

In some lines of work, a Bachelor’s Degree is valued less than higher degrees, so it may also help to continue your education after you finish your Bachelor’s, depending on what you want to go into. I hope this helped!

Hopefully, this first response will give you insight if you’re experiencing similar issues and, if not, make sure you get your questions in!



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