…And Put the Students First for Once

Zack Rosen

As some of you may know, I work at the Center for Learning Resources at night as a tutor in the computer lab. Which, as a side note (or is it really a side note if I haven’t even gotten into the article yet!?), is a fantastic place to get help on Microsoft Office, SPSS, and any other computer-related problems or questions. Additionally, be sure to check out the writing lab for help on essays and papers, and the math lab for help on anything from basic math to physics.

But I digress.

One night, as I ventured out of the CLR on a break for something from the vending machines in Maxcy (the ones located near the Communication Department and the stairs to WNHU), I noticed a problem with my plan: the vending machines were gone. “Well that’s good,” I thought, “Maybe the university is finally replacing them with newer ones!”

The next evening, the doorway to Maxcy near the Communication Department was blocked off. “Well that’s good,” I thought. “Maybe they’re putting in some fancy card readers so that students can get in with an extra security precaution!”

At my next venture I noticed those ugly and, frankly, dangerously constructed blue stairs heading up towards the physics and math department being renovated. “Wow!” I exclaimed, “They’re finally fixing those!” I don’t know how many times I have seen people trip on them, myself included.

Other days I started noticing nice tiles being placed in Maxcy, bulletin boards with student activities posted were taken down, and walls and ceilings were repainted. “Jesus! UNH is finally making Maxcy look good, and replacing the bulletin boards with nicer ones!”

Then, it hit me. The Board of Governors was coming onto campus. And without a doubt, they would be visiting the brand new (and beautiful) Vlock Center.

I have nothing against the Board of Governors. What I do have a problem with is those at UNH who prepare for the Board of Governors. Why does it take their presence to make Maxcy look better? Shouldn’t we, as students, deserve a nicer looking building without the presence of the BOG? Why does it take their presence to make those formerly ugly blue stairs actually SAFE to use? It’s disgusting that the university administration thinks we don’t notice, because we do. It’s also extremely offensive to both staff and students.

Beyond Maxcy, I noticed some things happening in Bartels. Light bulbs were replaced, dirty ceiling tiles were cleaned–those that were stained were even spray painted. I witnessed a student studying in the Upper Student Lounge the night before the Board of Governors was to arrive, who was yelled at to get out immediately because that room was reserved. The worst part, however, is the kick in the ass the university gave to every single club and organization on campus. No tables were allowed in Bartels Lobby while the Board of Governors was on campus.

As I stated already, I have nothing against the Board of Governors. I actually believe they would love to see students at tables with their clubs while they are present–students running a bake sale to raise money for cancer research, students registering other students to vote, students raising money for the war in the Congo. The university, however, does not want the Board of Governors to see the students in action. They have never said they aren’t proud of us, of course, but that’s exactly what is being expressed by the university administration. In my eyes, and most of our eyes, the university is not proud of its clubs and organizations.

Next time the BOG is on campus, I ask the university administrators to reconsider the way they have been treating us. It’s unfair and offensive.