Accepted Students Show


Photo by Charger Bulletin

Caitlin Carney, Staff Writer

On Saturday, Feb. 18, the Admissions Office at the University of New Haven held an Accepted Students Day, specifically aimed at music majors. This event allowed prospective students to get a more in depth understanding of their programs and the resources the University has for them. After they were able to see all of these great features and ate some dinner, Admissions invited the prospective students, as well as current students, to the German Club to watch a concert featuring Crystal Clear and On the Fritz, which are both student bands on campus, as well as Kristen Merlin, who graduated from the university and was also on The Voice in season six.


Students were welcomed into the German Club where several rows of chairs were set up, but there was also open floor space so that students could really immerse themselves in the concert atmosphere. The show opened with Crystal Clear, a band made up of all first year students who met in the Music LLC this past fall. Crystal Clear loved the opportunity to play at this concert because they were able to showcase a new song, plus this was their first show of the semester. The band tries to jump on any opportunity to play, so this was definitely a great show for them.


To aspiring musicians, Crystal Clear says, “Don’t be afraid to come out of your shell” and also to “put yourself out there.”


The band said that they have to ask for things all the time and makes clear that is not a bad thing. They encourage other aspiring musicians to ask for the gigs they want and anything else they may need. The band’s music is currently available on Facebook and Soundcloud, and soon they will also be featured on Bandcamp.


After Crystal Clear finished their set, there was a slight intermission in which students, staff, and charger ambassadors were able to dance to various songs being played by a DJ. Some of these songs were the Cha-Cha slide and the Cupid Shuffle. These breaks between performances allowed students to let off some steam and show the prospective students just how fun this school can be.


The next group to perform was On the Fritz. On the Fritz is also made up of entirely University of New Haven students; however, they are all juniors rather than first-years. On the Fritz was well received by students, and some students even began a small mosh pit during their set. After their performance, students were able to dance to the music being played by the DJ once again.


The headliner of the night was Kristen Merlin who graduated from the University of New Haven back in 2007 with a Music and Sound Recording degree. Being at the University helped Merlin because she was inspired by all of the talent she was constantly surrounded by. She also began writing songs while she was still a student. Merlin played a combination of original songs and covers throughout the night. Merlin absolutely loved performing for the concert.


Merlin said, “The crowd and energy was outstanding.” She explained that she loves coming back to campus and seeing all the new students and seeing how much the school has changed since she was a student here.
Merlin encourages aspiring musicians here at the University, and all over the world, to pursue their dreams. “Don’t be afraid to dream big,” said Merlin.