A Salute to UNH Students

The Charger Bulletin

I graduated from “New Haven College” in 1968 after a stint in the military. Pete Peterson was our President, and I had the distinct pleasure of taking several classes from Dr. Phil Kaplan- a renowned historian and economist. There were no dorms then, and everyone had a job of sort after school. Fifteen years ago I was hired as faculty in CJ here.

Last week’s Charger Bulletin states that UNH was honored again for Community Service, Experiential Education, and Service Learning. Our students actively provided care, comfort, and concern to our local communities, and they deserve such recognition.

What I would also like to add to all this is the high level of charity, compassion, and awareness offered in Bartels by our sororities, fraternities, and other student groups. It seems that every day there are different students behind tables informing the UNH community at large about a vast array of pressing issues including: violence against women, violence against sexual minorities, the plight of the mentally ill, college suicide rates, returning veterans, international students, students with disabilities, etc.

I am in awe of our students and their high level of caring. Pete Peterson and Dr. Kaplan would also be very proud of you all.


James J. Monahan, Ph.D., ABPP

Diplomat in Clinical Psychology

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Lee College