A Return with Some Thought

Stephen Acevedo

Well, I’m back. After a bit of a hiatus I have returned to the Editorial section. Let me tell you off the bat that the reason has nothing to do with laziness. Trust me, like every other student on this campus, I have been more than just busy: swamped.

Funny thing is though, I have still been writing. And that’s something that has been on my mind, and probably also what’s on all writers minds. Though much of my stuff has not been appearing in the paper, it seems me and writing cannot part for long.

Actually, I feel that one of the reasons I haven’t been writing for the paper in a while is simply because I have been writing too much. Whether it’s writing creative works or writing lyrics for rap tracks, I always seem to be linked to words.
But that’s irony in writing. How many writers or artist in general have found themselves wanting to create whatever it is they do- art, stories, music- but then, you find yourself not doing it? You probably thought of a good idea in class, and then when you finally find time to follow your actions you are either too tired to or not in the mood.

It seems like everybody I talk to lately say the same, “I just haven’t had the time.” But sometimes, I think you just have to look a little closer: and when you do, you’ll usually find that you are still being creative without knowing it.

To me, it seems as if creativity cannot be suppressed. I would compare creativity to a large ball of clay- no matter how hard you squeeze it; some still finds its way through the cracks. No matter how bare the house is, creativity always seems to find an outlet.

To be honest, though I have been staying creative through other sources, I do feel excited to be back to editorials. My new goal is to try to stay more consistent in writing editorials- although, you might find me in the Entertainment section every once in a while. Sometimes I can’t resist bashing or praising new released films.

Editor’s note: And we always love when Stephen does!