A New Way to Tackle Campus Climate Issues


The University of California, Los Angeles’ (UCLA) Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion recently released a beta test, or trial version, of an app that will be used to monitor student’s feelings about the campus climate. The app, called “BruinXperience”, will be used by the UCLA student body to gauge how inclusive they believe their campus is, and how well certain programs are run.

The UCLA’s office hopes that students will utilize the functions of the app to communicate their opinions at least once every two weeks, though students are welcome to use the app whenever they would like. Giving students this ability allows UCLA to collect data much more frequently, and accurately, and allows them to make changes faster and with a much wider perspective as to what their student body is looking for.

The University of New Haven has hosted several open forums in the past to give students a chance to speak about the campus climate, though students receive polished surveys from the school regarding campus climate less frequently. And even then, students are typically given incentives to complete them. In order to get the app off its feet, UCLA also plans a drawing for students who download and use “BruinXperience”.

Though it may take some incentive to get students to complete surveys on campus climate, the data that is collected from the students is important. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, a study showed that “students’ perceptions of the campus climate had a bigger positive impact on satisfaction and, particularly, belonging.” This means that the more inclusive and attentive that students believe their campuses are, the greater their sense of belonging is.

In fact, according to a Twitter poll of about 20 University of New Haven students, 95 percent said they would be interested in the university adopting an app similar to the “BruinXperience” app.

“BruinXperience” launches to UCLA students this fall.