3D Film Brings Viewers to Fantasy World

Stephen Acevedo

The movie Coraline hit theaters this Friday, Feb. 8 and like many fans of The Nightmare before Christmas, I went to theaters expecting a magnificent experience. To my surprise, the film is actually based on a novella written by Neil Gaiman (comic writer for “The Sandman”).

Aside from the television trailers and the great reviews, upon entering the theater this Saturday and putting on my 3D glasses, I couldn’t help but feel hyped for the film. And when the lights turned back on in the theater as the credits began to roll, the audience stood on their feet and gave applause (myself included).

Coraline is an extravagant movie. Not only are the visual effects stunning but the storyline is creatively masterful. Coraline takes audiences to a magical world and away from the boring realities of life. The movie also does a great job appealing to all audiences. It has its moments for kids to love, as well as its frightening dark scenes, capable of making any person scared, and its wonderful fantasy moments that catch everyone’s attention and makes you feel like you’re in a different world altogether.

I would really consider all in joining the young Coraline (Dakota Fanning), her friend Wybie, and The Cat (Keith David), on their adventure into another realm; a world where everything is perfect and everyone has buttoned eyes. The film will take your breath away and keep you high on your toes.

The movie Coraline is filled with nothing but greatness and in all, seems to have no flaws. It is a spectacular film and in my opinion will become a classic among others. Coraline will be talked about for years to come, and I tip my hat off to Henry Selick for such a brilliant and outstanding movie. Coraline is getting an A+ in my book and I urge everyone to see it the only way it should be seen: in front of a large screen, while munching on popcorn and Juju beans, and being wowed by in your face images while wearing 3D glasses.