Pride Hosts Ally Week

Ally Week is a week of events held by PRIDE to help celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, and educate others on how to be a good ally. On Wednesday, Oct. 11, the club celebrated National Coming Out Day. This day encourages those in the community to come out to tell their friends, family, and colleagues who they really are.

Danielle Low, the President of PRIDE, said that one of the goals of this week was the importance of being an ally to the LGBTQ+ community.  The club has a chance to educate people that may not know what a LGBTQ+ person might be going through. Low said that the event is meant to show how coming out isn’t easy. and that everyone’s experience differs; you don’t always get a happy ending.

“Most members of the LGBTQ+ community want to know that they have additional support outside of members in the community,” said Low.

A tradition PRIDE has during ally week is signing the doors of Bartels across from Jazzman’s. Anyone who came out could sign the doors, and had the chance to learn about potential scenarios people have experienced. The club signed the doors to show support for individuals of the community who struggle with not being able to express themselves.

“We sign the door to show that they are loved,” said Low.

PRIDE received a message from a student on campus that said, “I wanted to show you that this ally appreciates you guys. Keep up the work, I’m proud to be a UNH Pride ally.” The student attached a photo of the ally flag, and advice papers they picked up from the table.

Low wanted others to know that it’s completely acceptable to ask genuine questions. If you wanted clarification or to know if you’re doing something right, it’s better to ask than assume. If you want to help support the LGBTQ+ community, and become an ally, do some research. Learning about subjects like the trans community and their struggle can help others understand their struggle. Listening and talking to those in the community can also help be an ally. Sometimes, it’s better to sit back and learn from others and what they have to say. No one’s perfect, but as long as you try to achieve equality for those who need it, you’re helping.

“We are just like everyone else, we are human, and appreciate our allies,” said Low.