USGA President Encourages Students to Voice Concerns


Nicolette Angelli, USGA President

This message is in response to an article on the “UNH Memes” Facebook page:

I think it is awesome that a student took the initiative to build a community around relatable humor that all of us Chargers understand. I think this is a fantastic outlook to bring students together but when it comes to having the administration hear the voice of the students.

I want to remind students that USGA can help!

USGA has committees structured to help make change where change is needed, or at the least raise awareness to student issues such as: University Dining, Residential Life, and being a commuter student. USGA wants all students to take initiative this year!

This page may be a voice for students by students, but to effectively make change we need to not only address issues but come up with solutions. This is our college experience, we have a voice and it needs to be heard!

If anyone ever has any student issues please email [email protected], stop by during my office hours, or attend any of the many open Forums we have coming up in the future. The first one being Town Hall 1: October 2, 2017 4-5PM in Alumni Lounge. Also, for RSO Presidents there will be a Presidents Round Table 9/28 3-4PM in the Alumni Lounge.