25 Days of Christmas

Courtney Brooks

courtney bw

It’s that time of year again—the best time if you ask me! Dec. 1 marks the start of ABC Family’s annual 25 Days of Christmas countdown, where each night they play our holiday favorites, building anticipation until Christmas finally arrives.

These are the top three must see Christmas movies this year:

1.The Grinch Who Stole Christmas: This should go without saying, but the Grinch is a Christmas classic! With Jim Carrey playing the Christmas hating Grinch and little Cindy Lou Who doing her absolute best to crown him the King of Christmas, it is hilarious and adorable for every family to watch. While the Grinch continuously tries to ruin Christmas in Whoville, Cindy Lou Who struggles with growing up and losing the Christmas Spirit, something we can all relate too. Have no fear though, the ending completely captures the true meaning of Christmas and you will find yourself wishing you too could be a Who!

2.Christmas Cupid: This is an ABC Family original movie and is a modern day remake of A Christmas Carol. The gorgeous Christina Milian is career obsessed and losing the Christmas spirit when one of her clients, played by Pretty Little Liar’s Ashley Benson, dies and revisits her as a ghost, showing her the past, present and future. Add in the dreamy Chad Michael Murray as a lead role and, despite a few rather cheesy lines, you will be re-watching this movie for years to come.

3.The Year Without a Santa Clause: This movie will put you in an instant time warp to when you were a child. Filmed in 1974, this movie has stuck around for decades and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In case you have forgotten, this movie is about the year Santa didn’t feel there was enough Christmas spirit so he wanted to take a year off. Santa’s elves, Jingle and Jangle Bell, set out to save Christmas, but after a run in with the Heat Miser and Snow Miser, they find it more difficult than they thought. Although it is a children’s movie, it has some catchy tunes and successfully reminds us of the importance of the Christmas Spirit.

This time of year can get extremely stressful with classes winding down and papers and finals coming up. Don’t forget to enjoy the Christmas season and destress with these fun Christmas movies. ABC Family offers 25 days of them, so take a few hours here and there to relax and enjoy the best time of the year!