Wreck-it-Ralph: A Video Game Geek’s Dream Come True

Cameron Hines

The year 2012 has been a great year for animated films, and Disney’s newest film Wreck-it-Ralph is no exception.

The film follows Ralph, a video game character in a local arcade, who is the villain in a video game called Wreck-it-Ralph. After 30 years, however, he has grown tired of always being the villain and treated like he’s a mean person by those around him.

All he wants is to be accepted by those around him. As a result, he decides to leave his game and instead go into other games in the arcade to try and prove himself as a hero. These scenes are definitely the movie’s most inventive and memorable, as we see well-known video game characters, including Ryu from the Street Fighter games and Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog. If nothing else, this movie is testament to how great it is when separate corporations can put their egos aside to make a collaborated work.

Ralph is voiced with perfection by John C. Reilly. Joining Ralph are Fix-it-Felix played by Jack McBrayer, a little girl named Vanellope who wants to become a racer, played by Sarah Silverman, and tough-as-nails military leader Calhoun voiced by Jane Lynch.

The film’s strength is definitely its ingenuity and creativity. While video game geeks will appreciate it most, those who aren’t familiar with the 80s arcades will still find plenty to love about this film.

However, while the film has a very strong opening, it almost falls apart as it plays into the cookie-cutter Disney formula for kids’ movies. While these elements don’t spoil the movie, it certainly takes away from what should have been a stellar movie.

Wreck-it-Ralph certainly has many great things going for it: an interesting premise, quality voice acting, and very clever and humorous writing. While the film doesn’t necessarily remain consistent in quality the entire run time, it’s still a solid movie that any video game geek should see.