Where’s Charlie?

Jessie Edelman

One of the events for Welcome Week 2012 was “Where’s Charlie?” which was held on Wednesday, Aug. 29.

Charlie the Charger had last been seen that afternoon at Kayo Field preparing for the soccer game against Molloy College the next day between noon and 1:30 p.m.

Could the students who attended figure out which of the Orientation Leaders kidnapped our beloved mascot?

During the event, the OLs went around to the different tables and told the students where they were when Charlie was reported missing. He was reported missing at 1 p.m.

Students had two minutes to ask them questions about where they were. The OLs said they were in class, meetings, and on all-day Q & A duty.

In between the two-minute rounds, extra clues were given, such as President Kaplan’s phone call to the suspect who left a ransom note with his phone number demanding the ten thousand dining dollars the university took from him.

There were also student eyewitness accounts. For the final round, attending students went to the table where the person they thought did it for a final interrogation.

They were running around to multiple tables.

Eventually it was time for the final verdict. The OLs gathered at the front of the Alumni Lounge to reveal the culprit.

When the crowd asked the OLs who they thought did it, they all pointed to OL Paul Raffile. They then went down the line of orientation leaders, one by one, and the students cheered for who they were going to blame.

In the end it was OL John Foti.

Returning to their dorms, many students were chattering about how they had a great time and how much they enjoyed it.

There was even a proposal to do the same kind of event to find Henry C. Lee.