Whatever You Do, Don’t Step on the Letters

The Charger Bulletin

Since before I even attended the University of New Haven, I was told that there is one thing a student must not do. The famous blue and yellow letters that lie in the center of the academic quad in front of Maxcy must never be stepped on.

There was a student many years ago that never believed such a statement. He set out to prove people nothing bad would happen. He walked on the blue UNH letters, over and over again, for days, even weeks, and nothing seemed to be going wrong for the student.

Suddenly things took a turn for the worse. He failed nearly every class he took, and he normally wasn’t a bad student either. Word spread like wildfire around the school. Before you knew it, the curse of the letters became a reality.

My biggest concern is that this semester, I stepped on the letters. I am an Admissions team member who regularly gives tours, and as you may know, we walk backwards to interact more with the families. I had just left Bartels and was making my way over to Maxcy when my foot stepped directly in the center of the “H”. Time froze. I didn’t know what would lie ahead. I’ve never had a low grade in a class, but now, my GPA is at risk. The semester I stepped on the letters is also the semester I will terminate my time here at UNH.

Its been nearly two months since I placed my foot on that very “H,” and I worked twice as hard in all my classes to ensure I wouldn’t get a low grade, but little did I know, things would come crashing down outside of classroom. With my family’s recent relocation to Florida, it is looking that my education will soon do the same.

All in all, this very story and these very words are my one and only warning to try and save your time here at UNH. DON’T STEP ON THE LETTERS.