What to Watch This Fall

Khaaliq Crowder

Rob & Chyna (E!)

I have to give a disclaimer that I am not a Kardashian fan at all. I do not watch their shows and they are all a little too attention-seeking (expect for Kendall), but I still follow them as it is my duty as someone who aspires to be a future broadcast (entertainment) journalist. However, this whole Blac Chyna getting even with the Kardashians is funny to watch from the sidelines with popcorn. If you do not know already former video vixen/hip-hop model Blac Chyna was briefly engaged and had a child with rapper Tyga. Tyga left Chyna and then got with Kylie Jenner who’s older sister Kim, Chyna was once best friends with. Then a feud ensued with Chyna with her BFF Amber Rose against the Kardashians. Rob, the only Kardashian brother, has been out of the spotlight as he has been dealing with depression and weight gain. Chyna starting dating Rob, which upset his sisters off though stopped his depression and put him on the track to losing weight. Flash forward now, Chyna is expecting Rob’s child and their chronicling their relationship on the new E! television series. Do not worry though, there will be plenty of messy drama as seen on the teaser video: a pregnant Chyna screaming at Rob “Are you still texting b*****s?”, and another clip of her throwing flowers in the pool. It is a guilty pleasure, so you have to tune in. Sundays starting September 11th at 9 p.m. ET.

The Get Down (Netflix)

If you are an uber hip-hop fan or just have no idea what to watch on Netflix, definitely go for The Get Down. I would best describe the show as historical fiction. It takes place in the late-1970s Bronx, New York and chronicles the rise of hip-hop, which at the time was still underground and nowhere as popular as it now. At the same time, disco was still popular, though, by then it was starting to fade. The main character Ezekiel (of Black Latino descent) just got out of school for the summer and hopes to make it as rapper while running wild in the streets with his rag-tag group. His love interest, Mylene, wants to be the “next Donna Summer” despite having extremely religious parents. In the show, you will see real life characters such as Grandmaster Flash (one of the pioneers of hip-hop) and Ed Koch (a supposedly sketchy mayor). There are also famous faces starring in the show: Jaden Smith, Shameik Moore (Dope) and Justice Smith (Paper Towns)

Scream Queens (FOX)

If you have not watched the first season of this show, I suggest you catch up with Hulu, because season two is on it’s way. The show is horror-comedy in the same vein as say the Scary Movie series. While the first season took place at a fictional college titled Wallace University where a serial killer was on the loose on campus (targeting greek life houses), the second will take place in a hospital. As seen on the teaser, the “Chanels” will be enrolled as medical students working in Cathy Munsch’s hospital. Casting wise, most of the main cast from season one will be reprising their roles including Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, Lea Michelle and Jamie Lee Curtis just to name a few. Taylor Launter, John Stamos and Colton Hayes will be in the new season as well. Get ready to scream and laugh, but mostly laugh starting Tuesday, September 20th at 9 p.m.

Atlanta (FX)

Donald Glover (also known as Childish Gambino), rapper and actor of Community fame, stars in a new series that centers around the music scene of the Atlanta. Glover plays Earn Marks who is a struggling music manager trying to get his cousin’s rap career to take off. It has not premiered yet, but I love the wave of fictionalized shows that entrenched in the hip-hop industry. Catch stating this Tuesday,  September 6th at 10 p.m.

American Horror Story (FX)

If you are an uber fan of AHS like I am, then you just as pumped as I am for season six. For those who want to jump on the AHS bandwagon, know that it is an anthology meaning every season is a new storyline, a new setting with new characters although they switch up the casting. According to a printed issue of TV Guide, season six is being titled American Horror Story: The Mist. The teasers make it seem like the season is going to involve children and a house in the middle of nowhere. Premieres on Wednesdays, September 14th.

The Wendy Williams Show (FOX)

Monday, September 19th at 10 a.m.! Brand new season (eight to be exact) of Wendy Williams. I absolutely love her; this one of the few talk shows that I watch on the daily. I do not anticipate any new changes on the show. Wendy will still be Wendy informing us of all the latest celebrity gossip, the inside scoop and the “Ask Wendy” segment. Hopefully, Wendy will address the rumours that surfaced this past month of producers getting fired on top of her husband not being involved business wise.

Empire (FOX)

I’m beyond hyped for the third season to come on. More music, more drama and more secrets revealed. The last season ended with Lucious and Anika getting married, Jamal recovering from being shot and the biggest cliffhanger of Anika and Rhona fight over the balcony. And, once again, the fight over who runs Empire Entertainment continues. The best of all is Taraji P. Henson as Cookie with her one-liners. Scheduled as special guest stars this season is Birdman, French Montana, Mariah Carey and Phylicia Rashad. Wednesday, September 21st, grab a seat.

Empire premires Sept. 21 on FOX  (AP PHOTO)
Empire premires Sept. 21 on FOX

How to Get Away With Murder (ABC)

I, personally, have not finished season two yet, but I hope to in time for season three where new mysteries are going to be investigated. From watching the trailer, Annalise Keating to be a target of a blackmailer as you see pictures around campus where she is labeled as killer. I can tell this going to be a roller coaster ride that her students are in the ride for. Thursdays starting September 22nd on 10 p.m.