West Haven VA Hospital Suffers Fire

The Charger Bulletin

Patients at the West Haven Veteran’s Hospital, around the block from campus, had a scare Friday afternoon as smoke started pouring from the building. While the fire was most likely caused by a small equipment malfunction, smoke inhalation worries caused employees to quickly respond to the blaze.

Staff members on the affected floor quickly moved as many patient’s as possible to unaffected floors. Firefighters quickly responded and tamed the fire, which had been held to a small corner of the floor. No patients or staff members were evacuated and the hospital floor quickly reopened after an assessment of the damage. No foul play was associated with the fire and damage bills are expected to be at a minimum.

The West Haven Veteran’s Hospital, friendly known as the VA Hospital, is one of three hospitals and six out-patient clinics that serve military veterans in the Connecticut state area. The West Haven location provides the services of most general hospitals, including full care prosthetics, general surgery, geriatrics, smoking cessation, and dental care. Any individual with documented military service can be treated under benefits at the West Haven VA Hospital. The fire at the West Haven site will have no impact on the continued on site and emergency care of the hospital.