Welcome to Soundview Hall

Erin Ennis

Although many students around campus have yet to see inside the newest addition to the University’s housing, approximately 400 students have been living in Soundview Hall for the last week. The first LEED certified green building on campus; Soundview Hall offers some of the newest and best innovations residential housing has to offer. Anyone interested in living in the new building in the future: look no further!

Soundview Hall at the University of New Haven
Soundview Hall at the University of New Haven

Soundview Hall is five stories tall, sporting four or six person apartment rooms. While all of the six person apartments have single bedrooms, the four person apartments are split between double and single bedrooms.  With two large “sections” of the building, noise seems to be a problem of the past (although the year has not really started yet, so we’ll have to approach this issue again later). All apartments have two full bathrooms, separate double sinks, and a combined kitchen and living area. With accent colored walls, stoves, ovens, full refrigerators, fast wi-fi, and large closet spaces, Soundview Hall offers plenty of incentives for the average college student.

If “green living” is your thing, the first floor offers a sustainable living hall for students dead set on leaving no impact on our environment. However, the rest of the building offers plenty of green living opportunities, from energy efficient dim lighting in the bathrooms to an in-building trash room, recycling rooms, and high efficiency laundry. So yes, while you can enjoy Soundview Hall because of its laundry facilities on every floor and room-controlled heating and air conditioning, you can also know that you are minimally effecting the environment in the process.

Soundview is a little more expensive than most buildings on this campus, but most would agree that the money is completely worth it. The building is gorgeous, state-of-the-art, and really well equipped to handle the large number of students it holds.  Having a single bedroom is incredible and yes, while the kitchen and living room areas are not as large as those in Sheffield and Winchester, it feels very “lived in” and homey.

If you are not living in Soundview Hall this year, try to find an upperclassman to show you around. It will give you great perspective for that always-approaching room selection day in April. If you already are living in Soundview, keep enjoying it! I am positive all of its amenities will not lose their appeal any time soon.