USGA Inefficiencies

If you have any problems at UNH, the first suggestion given is to post a concern on This is an outlet, but is it really a solution?

I had a concern when I was a freshman about the broken water fountains in the library and I posted my concern. I got an email the next day stating that the water fountains were being taken care of but a year later nothing has changed. I have had other concerns and posted but every time I get the same email. These concerns are supposed to be sent to committee heads; I have been a part of many committees on campus and I think that all they do is sit and talk. I think talking is in vain if it does not translate into action.

I do not speak about all committees, but the ones I was a part of seemed to focus elsewhere. Friendships and socialization seemed to take a higher priority than the problems of students. This is why I am no longer a part of these committees.

I think is a great website but its purpose is lost after initial contact. I do not know what the solution is but all I see are ignored problems and false hopes. I think if the E-board of USGA are busy with other problems and cannot find effective solutions to problems, new management is needed. They should be able to follow through with student concerns.

I think UNH is striving to get better things but the broken water fountains and other miscellaneous problems keep the general population from seeing these strides. is a solution but its efficiency is still debatable.

by Ankit Sharma