University’s Favorite Hypnotist

There were so many events this past week from all of the other clubs that it was hard keeping track of which club was putting on what; but of course SCOPE was in there working as hard as ever.  On Friday, February 17 in Dodd’s, SCOPE Weekend Programming started off their weekend events with the university’s favorite hypnotist: Jim Spinnato.  But this time, Spinnato brought his R-rated show, which was ten times as amusing and one hundred times as funny.

Dodd’s filled up fast when SCOPE opened the doors, and students waited in their seats with anticipation.  After Spinnato was introduced by SCOPE’s Assistant Chair Rachel Boulerice, students ran up on stage to volunteer to go under hypnosis.  After Spinnato picked out the students that would allow their bodies to go under hypnosis, the audience went completely silent to allow him to work.  As Spinnato spoke and counted, each student went deeper and deeper into hypnosis, and as they went deeper and deeper, the students in the audience watched their heads sink to their chest and arms flop to the floor.  And once they were all deep in, the fun started. The ones that are interested can avail free hypnosis scripts online and learn more about the process and how it works.

Spinnato started off slow, but because it was his R-rated show, it was not as slow as normal.  He had the women imagine they were being tickled and the men being pinched in certain sensitive areas.  It was hilarious as he went around to each volunteer and asked what was wrong; the women were giggling and the men had high pitched voices.  For another section, he had the girls dance in front of a male judge and the guys dance in front of a female judge; there are some pretty good dancers here at UNH.  In another section, Spinnato picked a girl to be a laugh police officer and a guy to look for a dog.  All these had students in the audience laughing in their seats; however, they didn’t fall out of their seats from laughter until the very end.

At the end of the show, each volunteer was given a song to respond to and then given a specific task.  Two girls were dancing as if they were auditioning to be back-up dancers for J-Lo, another was a body lifter, another girl was walking the cat walk at a fashion show, and another was dancing disco to a disco song.  But the guys got the short end of the stick.  One guy belly danced to a song that fit and another had to pretend he was riding a bull as Big n’ Riches “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” played.  The favorite of the night was the last song.  The volunteer had to dance and sing like Cee Lo Green to his song “Forget You.”  At the very end, all of the volunteers were up and singing and dancing with each other all over the auditorium. Even the audience joined in.  It was blast!  And to top it all off, Spinnato even had all of the volunteers remember what happened while they were under, which he doesn’t normally do.

It was a great night; the university always loves Jim Spinnato’s show and this was no different. The audience was there enjoying the show for almost two hours!  The university loves Spinnato and Spinnato loves this university. He even said “The University of New Haven is my favorite school to come to every year.”