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Ping Pong Tournament

Michelle R Morra April 18, 2012

On Friday, April 13 on the Bartels Patio, SCOPE Weekend Programming held a Ping Pong Tournament.  After SCOPE and a couple of friends put the ping pong table together, which was an event all itself, the...

University’s Favorite Hypnotist

Michelle R Morra February 22, 2012

There were so many events this past week from all of the other clubs that it was hard keeping track of which club was putting on what; but of course SCOPE was in there working as hard as ever.  On Friday,...


Andrew Gitin December 7, 2011

  The end of the semester is near! We all are going to buckle down soon and start studying for finals, but us in SCOPE still have some fun ideas that will keep you relaxed before all the tests coming...


Andrew Gitin November 2, 2011

  October is ending, and November is right around the corner. Midterms are almost over and students are thinking about what to do and take next semester. SCOPE has events that can keep your mind...


Michelle R Morra October 19, 2011

  Wow! Can you believe that it has been two weeks since the last newspaper?  Well even though the paper took a break, SCOPE didn’t; that’s right, we kept the events coming, and boy were there...

Laserscribe Pens and Photo Whiteboards

Michelle R Morra October 19, 2011

Friday was packed with numerous events from loads of clubs, and, of course, one of those events was from SCOPE Weekend Programming.  Everyone had loads of fun getting a laser scribed pen, and their photo...

Scope It Out!

Ashley Jones September 7, 2011

Back to school already? It seems like the summer flew by, and finals were just a few short weeks ago. There are so many new faces around campus and plenty of old ones too. Everyone is getting used to the...


Michelle R Morra March 30, 2011

Of course, this week there was a truck load of events going, and somewhere in there, SCOPE had some great events going on as well. Wednesday was a busy day for SCOPE.  Day Programming put on an event...


Michelle R Morra February 2, 2011

First, I have to mention the ton of snow we got last week and probably the ton of snow that we are getting this week since it never ends! But even with all that snow, the delays, and closings, SCOPE still...


Michelle R Morra October 13, 2010

Dudes and dudettes, welcome back to the second half of the Fall Semester and the continuance of great SCOPE events. Before the break we planned some laid back events that got you prepared for some well-deserved...


Lindsay Lynch February 3, 2010

SCOPE has lots in store for the UNH community this issue! Every week, SCOPE has meetings in Meeting Rooms A&B in Bartels Hall at 4:30pm on Thursdays. All are welcome to come and encouraged to join!...

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