University of New Haven Students Participate in Documenting City Wide Open Studios

Artspace’s City-Wide Open Studios is celebrating its 22nd year. City-Wide Open Studios is a celebration where Connecticut artists come together to showcase their work in pop-up events.

University of New Haven communication, film, and media studies students attended the Alternative Space weekend at Yale’s West Campus on Nov. 2 and 3. Students interviewed artists and shot videos and photos.This art will be shared with the artists and may be showcased by Artspace.

The collaboration is the project of adjunct communication professor, Nicki Chavoya.

Chavoya said, “This is our second year partnering with ArtSpace’s City-Wide Open Studios, and it continues to be an incredibly valuable and immersive experience for our students.”

The theme for this year’s City-Wide Open Studios was “Older But Younger.” It showcased installations that explored topics of youth and longevity.

Chavoya said this is an opportunity for students to get off campus and immerse themselves in a creative and collaborative environment.

“Situated so close to New Haven, we’re just a short drive away from a thriving artistic and cultural community,” she said. “City-Wide Open Studios provides an expedited way to introduce our film and television students to creative professionals as well as a way to show the Greater New Haven arts community the level of talent we have here in the department.”

Students who attended the Alternative Space weekend will be editing the interviews with the artists they’ve documented, with Chavoya’s guidance.