UNH Acquires New Campus Site in Orange

Elizabeth Field

Only a few short days after the dedication of Bergami Hall, President Kaplan gave an exclusive interview to The Charger Bulletin regarding the acquisition of former Hubbell Electronics headquarters to be used to house the ever-expanding UNH graduate programs.

The University of New Haven has acquired the former Hubbell Electronics headquarters to be used to house the expanding UNH graduate programs. *This is a digitally altered photo of what the proposed location will look like.

The Hubbell Electronics building is located in nearby Orange, Conn., only a short commute for the main campus. This site has been on the market for nearly two years, allowing the university to make a reasonable offer and secure proper time for board approval, which was finalized just this week.

The 47-acre, 70,000 square foot site is centrally located adjacent to the Wilbur Cross Parkway and features three attached buildings, a private lake, and is surrounded by over 400 acres of woods.

“We obviously needed more space and this is by far the most attractive location we have seen. It is a beautiful setting and as a former corporate headquarters, it is a nicer building than I have seen on any campus,” President Kaplan told the Bulletin Monday.

Many aspects of this deal are still in the early planning stages; however, the focus of this facility will be to take off some of the pressures faced by the main campus. The focus of the new site will be to house graduate programs, however the particular details as to which programs will be moved from the main campus are still under discussion.

The former Hubbell Electronics headquarters has generous space that will be converted to classrooms, science and computer labs, and faculty offices. Great news for disgruntled student commuters: the site features ample surface and underground parking spaces.

UNH has recently seen a great deal of expansion. In the past year, the university has acquired, remodeled and opened the 10,000 square foot Charger Plaza, a former shopping plaza adjacent to the university on Campbell Avenue. Charger Plaza is now home to UNH’s growing ELS and Language programs and has added much-needed parking for student commuters.

The university is also working closely with the city of West Haven during the process of obtaining properties in West Haven to house the planned Engineering and Science University Magnet School (ESUMS) building. While the school will be funded through state and city funding, UNH anticipates that the facilities will be made available for night classes and research projects, along with opportunities for engineering majors to tutor and mentor young students.

President Kaplan hopes to see the new Orange location functioning for classes and university uses by next fall.

“This is a very exciting opportunity and everyone I’ve spoken to including faculty, board members, and academic staff sees this as a transformational opportunity for the university.”

*The university is in the process of acquiring the site. It does not currently own it.