U.N.H. Welcomes Families


Meghan Mahar

The University of New Haven opened its doors to families of undergraduate students on October 1. A wide variety of activities were offered across the campus for the day that accommodated all ages, ranging from cupcake decorating to races and competitions.

The day kicked off at the recreation center where families signed in to enjoy the fun. There, they could get breakfast and find information about the events that were offered.

In various locations on campus during the day, families had the opportunity to play with puppies and interact with other animals, have fun on inflatable games and watch performances by Anatolia the fire goddess. Families of students affiliated with an LLC had even more activities offered, such as family meet and greets and photo booths. Families were also able to take the shuttle downtown for guided tours of New Haven or for their own exploration.

Many families opted to attend the football game at DellaCamera Stadium. The Chargers did not disappoint fans in their clash with Southern Connecticut State University. They continued their seven-year streak of taking home the Elm Cup and won 38-20.

Families and fans alike enjoyed the energy from the stands as they cheered on the Chargers. They also got to watch the marching band perform during the halftime show.

“We have been hearing about the band and what they’ve been doing,” said parents of U.N.H. freshman Kaitlyn Jacobs. “We were very excited to see what they’ve been doing in person.”

Parents were excited to visit their children and see how they have been living since school began. Some even brought pieces of home to the students, including bringing their dogs or favorite foods. Gianna Scire’s family brought boxes of donuts from her job at home.

“I miss working and the people there back at home,” Gianna reflected over a donut, “but it was nice to get a taste of it again and play with puppies.”

The University’s many offerings and features were impressive to both people that had already visited the campus and those who hadn’t. Students led their families back and forth from their dorms to show them their daily routine, including some of the fun things that they do when they aren’t hitting the books, such as hanging out with friends in the residential lounges/game rooms.
Family Day was a success that brought students back together with their highly missed relatives. The University worked hard to help families feel included in the college experience while they explored everything that the school has to offer.