Twisted Thursdays Are Back

Twisted Thursdays Are Back

This week kicked off the first Twisted Thursday event of the spring semester. Various students gathered around to eat pancakes and play various board games. The Center for Student Engagement, Leadership, and Orientation and various Recognized Student Organizations typically coordinate Twisted Thursday events. The particular RSO runs the event with the help of CSELO, but since it was the first week back, CSELO organized the event alone. The Twisted Thursday events aim to provide a safer, healthier alternative to students who may typically chose to go out Thursday nights.


Events can have a high or low turnout depending on how appealing they are to the students and how well they are advertised. This week, students had the chance to enjoy pancakes while playing classic board games. Games included childhood favorites Candyland, Clue, and Sorry, as well as adult favorites like Taboo and Apples to Apples. CSELO chose to do something interactive but still passive, since students are still settling back into the swing of the new semester. This event aimed to help de-stress students before the semester really gets going with classes and exams.


“I was looking for something to do, and didn’t want to go back to my room. I think it’s a good way to meet people on campus, and enjoy free pancakes,” junior Alycea said.


A group of students took time to discuss their time playing a game of Clue. “We solved a murder, Scarlet did it,” Rebecca Marano, Alexis Romer, Bree Mccleery, Kirsten Story, Alyssa Mondaca, and Tim Gadomski said.  


Other Twisted Thursday events to look forward in the remainder of the semester include: BSU’s Soul Food Dinner for Black History Month, ISA’s Lantern Festival, E-Sports video game night, and WHNU’s lip sync battle.