Trying to make the grass greener on the other side?

Kayla Katt

While walking to class, I don’t appreciate getting wet from the sprinklers. I also dislike having to dodge the giant puddles in the walkways that the sprinklers make. Sprinklers should be used to water grass, not the concrete and especially not me.


The placement of the sprinklers boggles my mind. It’s as if the University of New Haven is trying to water both sides of the grass with one sprinkler; however this isn’t the case, because there are sprinklers on each side of the sidewalk. So why are they placed so close to the edge of the grass?

Something else that annoys me about this situation are the sprinklers on the grass behind Bixler. They are right in front of the windows on the first floor. What if residents have their windows open—wouldn’t the water get in through the windows?

The sprinklers by Bixler and Soundview aren’t the only annoying ones. The sprinklers by the library also water the walkway too, as if they are trying to reach the grass on the other side of the walkway—but again, they aren’t because there is already a sprinkler on that side, also watering the walkway. If the sprinklers are on when leaving the library, you are trapped. No matter which way you go, there is a sprinkler that is watering the concrete all the way down the walkways until you reach Buckman, down the stairs, or Gerhing Hall.

Lastly, UNH, it is not necessary to water the grass when it’s supposed to rain—or when it actually is raining. I know you want the grass to look good but the sky will take care of it for you for that one day. I’m not huge on the whole water conservation thing, but I’m pretty sure that watering your grass when it is raining is frowned upon. There’s also such a thing as overwatering grass; because of the constant watering, the grass gets muddy and swampy.

Photo from Twitter, where the Tweet read, “I was confused,  I thought this was UNH when they tried to ‘water the grass.’”
Photo from Twitter, where the Tweet read, “I was confused, I thought this was UNH when they tried to ‘water the grass.’”

On that note, my advice to you, UNH, is to not water your grass in the rain. Most importantly, when you “water the grass,” actually water the grass.