Transit’s Young New England Album

Elyse Von Der Fecht

Transit is a five-piece Indie/post-hardcore/alternative band from Massachusetts. On April 2, 2013, they released their ninth album titled Young New England. After listening to each of their 13 songs on this album, it became clear that this album was incredible. According to iTunes purchases, “Nothing Lasts Forever” and “Young New England” are the two most popular songs on the album. From previous experience seeing Transit at Warped Tour, they definitely know how to put on a great show for their fans.

In “Nothing Lasts Forever,” singer Joe Boynton sings a few lines of the song then has the whole band come in.

In “Second to Right,” the song starts off with a strong-up beat tempo and goes to an instrumental section.

In “Young New England,” it starts off strong and aggressive with a monotone feeling. Throughout the song they have voices stating things about Boston.

“Sleep” starts off with the drums and guitars then has the vocals come in. The song has a steadier tempo and a relaxing feeling.

In “So Long, So Long,” the song starts off right away with the vocals followed by the drums and guitar. I find the lyrics of the song very catchy.

“Weathered Souls” starts off with the drums then has the bass guitar and vocals join in. There is an instrumental part in the middle of the song then it picks back up with the vocals.

“Hang It Up” starts off with the guitar and drums then the vocals join in. It catches you in the beginning with saying the title of the song twice and then goes into the lyrics.

“Don’t Go, Don’t Stay” starts off right away with the vocals and guitar accompanied by the drums. In the middle of the song, vocals harmonize with the singer.

“Thanks For Nothing” starts off with the drums, guitar and bass followed by the vocals. There is an echo part within the chorus.

“Summer, ME,” starts off right away with strong vocals and with the drums and guitar. It has an upbeat tempo to the song and just makes you want to join in and sing.

“Hazy” starts off with the drums and vocals lightly then gets a little faster. This song is more laid back and has a slower tempo.

The next song was “Bright Lights, Dark Shadows.” This song picks up the tempo with the drums, guitar and bass followed by the vocals.

“Lake Q” starts off slowly with the guitar and bass, followed by the drums then the vocals. This song has a more relaxing tempo to the feeling. In the middle of the song, there is a slight pause where it feels like it’s over, but then picks up with the guitar, bass and drums.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Transit as they are on their Young New England Tour with Seahaven, All Get Out, and Young Statues.