Tonight Show Hit Hurts Host

Michael Kelly

Following a stunt-gone-wrong on The Tonight Show, the primetime talk show was forced to play a rerun episode. The popular and relatively new host, Conan O’ Brien, had been ready for a “business as usual” Friday night before the incident, and he had to find out the hard way that physical comedy is harder than it looks.

According to doctors, O’Brien suffered a mild concussion during a stunt involving Teri Hatcher and a silver metallic outer space suit. Representatives for Hatcher said that, while attempting to film a scene that depicted an “unusual” triathlon, O’Brien slipped to the floor and hit his head. Although he was able to pick himself up off the floor and shake off his injuries, producers sent him to the hospital for observations. The NBC network did not elaborate further on the full details of his condition. He was unable to continue with the show.

According to US Magazine, the audience said, “You could almost hear his head go clunk”. However, Conan O’Brien kept his spirit up despite injuries, showing his witty comedic genius. As being escorted out of the filming, he said candidly, “I hit my head so hard that for five seconds, I understood the plot of Lost.”

Conan O’Brien is expected to make a full and complete recovery and to start airing new episodes of The Tonight Show as soon as possible.