“There’s Nothing Holdin’” Shawn Mendes Back


On April 20th, Shawn Mendes released his latest single, “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back.” The new single is off the digital deluxe edition of his album Illuminate. The song hit number one on iTunes hours after its release. Mendes has been blowing up air waves ever since he released “Stitches.” Since then he has had other number one singles, “Treat You Better” and “Mercy.”

“There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” is different than his previous singles. The song includes an upbeat tempo and serves as a tease of what his new songs will sound like. “The song is noticeably more assertive than my previous work”, Mendes said in an interview with Billboard. He continued, “The minute I wrote this song I knew I wanted to get it out before my tour started, to give fans something new and fresh in addition to everything from Illuminate.”

The song starts out with a funky guitar riff which is followed by Mendes’s vocals. The tune is upbeat and clearly sounds different than his normal songs. By the time the chorus hits, you will instantly be hooked and the song will be in your head. I personally love Shawn and think his voice is amazing, and his vocals are truly captured by this song.

Shawn Mendes Official VEVO Lyric Video

Although the sound is different, it is different in a good way and has hooked fans already. Since its release, it has been the subject of many articles and tweets. So many people are in love with the new single, and I know I am.

Tweets include how much people love the song, and how people can’t wait to hear it live. Mendes’s Illuminate World Tour began last Thursday (April 27th) and will be continuing through the end of the year. Mendes will be joined by pop artist Charlie Puth.

The song is about how there is nothing holding Mendes back from being with this girl. Lyrics include, “I wanna follow where she goes, I think about her and she knows it.” The chorus of the song includes the lyrics, “There’s nothing holding me back I feel so free when you’re with me, baby / Baby, there’s nothing holding me back.”

I personally think the song is about how Mendes likes this girl, and there is nothing holding him back from telling her how he feels. No matter what she puts him through, he will go after her. But like with every song, the interpretations can be endless. If you haven’t heard the new single, I highly recommend it, as well as catching him on his Illuminate Tour with Charlie Puth.