The Ultimate Dilemma for the Ultimate Shopper (Part 1)

Elizabeth Field


It’s Monday! I’ve never been so excited for this universally-dreaded day of the week. It’s difficult for me to formulate this argument, let alone type it out because I am so distracted by all of the awesome shopping I’m doing in the other computer window!

I’ll just come out with it: I probably have an online shopping problem. But I mean, who doesn’t? It’s so easy to lay and bed, pretend like I just won the lottery and add 84 pieces from Forever 21 into my shopping cart, until I convince myself that I actually DO need all 12 different colors of jeggings and cry when I can’t get them all.

Lets face it, Cyber Monday is as close as to heaven as I am ever going to get. I woke up this morning to 47 e-mails filled with great news! J. Crew: Everything 50 percent off, 40 percent off at Express, 50 percent off of already discounted sale items on Sole Struck, and free shipping everywhere!

While Black Friday shopping is steeped in holiday tradition, Cyber Monday is the future! Cyber Monday is for those lazy shoppers who refuse to put on real clothes or wake up before 11 a.m., and these are my people.

Cyber Monday is awesome in every way that Black Friday is awful. There are no lines, angry grandmas, freezing cold outdoor lines, parking disputes, or waking up early! Online shopping has all the savings but in bed with your laptop, maybe with a nice glass of wine. So what if it’s 10 a.m.? I won’t judge you. Then again, it is Monday…why aren’t you at work?

Not only is Cyber Monday more convenient and less anxiety-ridden. It may also help you save more money this season. Shopping online allows you to comparison shop instantly between many stores to see where you can get the best deal with the minimum amount of effort. Also, the idea of leaving a store empty handed in which you just spent two hours waiting outside of is a daunting idea. You’re more likely to spend wasteful money on something you don’t really want or need just for the satisfaction of participating in the shopping holiday.

For some, Black Friday may be a fun outing with friends and family. In response, I see absolutely nothing fun about waiting in freezing temperatures at 4 a.m. outside of Kohl’s for some new bath towels, so I refuse to acknowledge this point because I do not reason with insane people.

It is still early enough in the season that you can be sure to get your packages in time for the holidays, and with the majority of stores offering free shipping, it may be more cost effective to stay at home, save your gas money and any future bills to mend your mental health, and wait until Monday.

While both Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer timely and enticing prices on holiday gifts for you or for others, Cyber Monday has the definite edge. Simply put: it’s easier, cheap and more convenient. Plus, there is always the added bonus of not being trampled to death at a Wal-Mart.