The twisted trio

Samantha Mathewson

The Other Woman stars Leslie Mann as Kate King in a role that not only has the audience never seen her in before, but one that she mastered flawlessly with endless laughs. Her role as the wife of a cheating husband leads her to meeting Cameron Diaz, who plays Carly, the first of many girlfriends we are introduced to, and Kate Upton, who plays Amber, the second mistress that “brings up the group’s average.”

After Carly accidently introduces herself to Kate, she realized her boyfriend has been cheating on her; however, this leads Kate, who had become semi-stalkerish, to confronting her. While it is not the news she wanted to receive and ultimately causes a panic attack, Kate shifts her dependence onto Carly for direction of how to figure things out, or as Carly told her to do, “get your ducks in a row.”

Kate leaches onto Carly who wants nothing to do with her after finding out that it was her husbad who she had been dating the whole time. However, somehow Kate reels her in with her pathetic need to talk to someone, and Carly is the only one she could go to. Kate also uses Boston Market as incentive, telling Carly she can have the first pick of whatever is in the bag.

The two ironically become best friends, and after finding out that Mark has yet another girl on the side, Amber, Kate’s stalker skills rub off on Carly and they are soon in the hunt together to find the other mistress. Carly might have had everyone convinced she was calm and collected, but after seeing the “other woman” that made even her look bad, she was the first to start chasing her down the beach. The three instantly become the power team set out to get revenge on Kate’s husband, and their cheating boyfriend Mark, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Kate wasn’t mad; she was curious, and we see her transform from a typical, dependent oblivious housewife to an independent, successful and confident women.

One may describe Kate’s initial reactions to finding out Mark was cheating on her as a hysteria of psychotic breaks full of blubbering sobs, but as the “Cheating Chore Calendar” is put in place, the group of wronged women take their turns messing with Mark, including spiking his morning smoothie with estrogen, replacing his shampoo with Nair and mixing some laxatives in with his cocktails.

Paired with her newfound friends, her untrained, over-sized puppy, a lot of alcohol, and Reddi-whip straight from the can, Kate is able to turn the tables.