The Roommate

Kimberly Reilly

The Roommate, a PG-13 rated movie that has received some good ratings, is sure to send viewers kicking and screaming for more thrills.

College should be the best years of one’s life; it should be the best time to make the most of everything and to get a new way of freedom and individuallality. It shouldn’t have to be about worrying about what to expect or worrying about who will stand in one’s way. That is why The Roommate is such an attention-grabber to young college students and teens that are looking for a movie to relate to.

The main character, Sara, from Iowa, moves to a college in Los Angeles to major in fashion. She is assigned to an art student from Pasadena, California, named Rebecca. Together, these girls seem to get along perfectly in the beginning, until Sara really sees the true side of her new roommate.

After living together for a little while, Rebecca begins to obsess over her new best friend, trying to mimic every move Sara makes, resulting in her beginning to become just like her. While doing so, Rebecca’s intentions involve taking away anything that could get in between her and Sara, including friends, family members, professors, Sara’s boyfriend, etc. This obsession leaves Sara horrified, frightened, and clueless as what to do or how to take care of such a problem.

In the development of all of this, it becomes dangerous for Sara to just go about normally on a regular basis anymore. She now has to sneak out to get away from her roommate, without her knowing. As it gets harder and harder to, Rebecca eventually finds out where Sara sneaks off to, and she keeps her from going out ever again by making threats to Sara’s friends or love interests. This keeps Rebecca’s roommate inside and right by her side at all times.

Soon, Rebecca will do anything to keep Sara to herself, consisting of killing off other people that get in her way. Finding out that her roommate has a medical problem and that she must take medication in order to be treated correctly, Sara tries to do something about it, but gets distracted by her awfully misguided living situation. Sara will have to do whatever it takes to get out of there and seek some help, no matter how tough it gets.

A psychological thriller about a deranged college freshman seems the way to go if you want to see a movie that gives you chills and thrills.