The Mets Start Season Off Slow

Tom Chieppo

An imperative for the Mets started off with them going (1-2) against the Florida Marlins, a team who made 103 errors last season and 254 over the past two.

The Mets need to have Jose Reyes in the line-up, and thankfully he has started his workouts. The Mets and skipper Jerry Manuel have to have everything fall in place to have a productive season and make a postseason run. Hopefully with Jose Reyes coming back some of the weight, can be lifted off the Mets’ shoulders.

The platoon at first base with Mike Jacobs and Fernando Tatis is still up in the air because the Mets are still waiting on the return of Daniel Murphy, but the team could use Ike Davis from the minor leagues to get some at-bats before the return of Carlos Beltran in the beginning of May.

In this upcoming matchup against the Washington Nationals, skipper Jim Rigglemann doesn’t have a number one ace in his pitching staff. Steven Strassburg, the Nationals top pitching prospect, has been reported that he won’t pitch until June. The offense is ok with Adam Dunn, Christian Guzman, and Ryan Zimmerman, which can cause big problems for the Mets.

For the Mets to be successful, a helpful starting pitching staff is needed. So much is on the line for John Maine, Jonathan Niese, Mike Pelfrey, and Oliver Perez. Dan Warthen, the Mets pitching coach, has to develop these guys more to succeed in the big leagues.

The Washington Nationals will be a very good test for the Mets to bounce back and it needs to start with the pitching and getting the ball to K-Rod in the late innings.