The CW Brings Back Fan Favorites: Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries

Jessica Pena

The streets! The lights! The gossip! That’s right guys; Gossip Girl is back and this time in its sixth and final season. For six years now, Gossip Girl has portrayed the so-called fictional lives of Upper East Side’s elites and want-to-be’s. The show will end their run after its tenth episode.

The show’s final season premiered on Oct. 8, with the same question as the first season. Where is Serena van der Woodsen?

Well, she’s now called Sabrina, her fictional character in Dan’s book. Not only that, but she’s in love with a guy name Steven Spence (Barry Watson, 7th Heaven). Yep, so if that’s not crazy enough for you, then how about the fact that Dan and Georgina Sparks are rekindling their magic for pure evil. Say it isn’t so. The duo is back, and this time they are destroying the Upper East Side.

Dan got dumped by Blair because she caught him cheating with Serena (who did it on purpose), but Blair also wanted to be with Chuck. So Dan is officially a lonely boy.

Heartbroken and “fed-up” with this environment, he plans to write a tell-all novel to ruin the reputation of all Manhattan elites.

Two elites in particular are Bart Bass and Lily van der Woodsen/Bass/Humphrey—whatever her new name is now. That’s right, papa Bass is back from the dead and not only took Rufus’s wife but also Chuck’s company. You know, the company that Chuck built successfully on his own? Bart Bass is a piece of work, as well as Lily.

Lily chose Bart over Rufus. Why? I don’t know, but I’m really hoping that the writers have some really good explanation for it. But if Lily is that crazy to choose a man who faked his death over good guy Rufus, then we know where Serena get her craziness from. It must be a Rhodes’ family thing.

Speaking of Rufus, he is taking in a stray name Ivy. Oh yes. The good-hearted fellow couldn’t resist taking in a victim of his ex-wife’s cruelty. So then they sleep together, and Dan walks in on them. Talk about awkward. Where’s Gossip Girl when you need her? Oh yeah, not a fan of our main friends right now.

Most importantly, Gossip Girl is not a fan of Serena, which creates conflict for our golden boy Nate. When looking for Serena, Nate asks Gossip Girl for help, and she doesn’t tell Nate where to find her at first. Not until Nate blackmails her with her identity, which according to executive producers, will be finally revealed to viewers.

However, let’s talk about the show Gossip Girl as a whole. Many fans were so excited when it came out. It was such a guilty pleasure, and we loved, loved, loved the drama. There were moments when fans were like, OMG!

But as the show continued on, it fizzled. When the cast went to college, the show lost a little bit of its edge. Now the executive producers are promising us that this season will go back to its first season roots, but also go forward with these characters.

Well Gossip Girl has only nine episodes left (eight, when this issue comes out). So, they can only do much in so little time.

Another premiere on the CW was The Vampire Diaries. The Salvatore vampire brothers have come together to help the woman they love transition into a vampire.

You heard right! Elena Gilbert is now a vampire, which means one thing: senior year gets a little bit more complicated. Not only do these kids have to worry about school, but now they also have to worry about vampire hunters and other threats that the writers can come up with. Talk about stress.

Before we get into details in what will happen, let’s talk about how it happened.

Elena and Matt were driving back to Mystic Falls, when Rebekah stood in the middle of the road, causing Matt’s car to go off the road and off Wickery Bridge, the same bridge that Elena and Jeremy’s parents lost their lives and where Elena would also lose her life. Stefan saved Matt’s life, because Elena asked him to.

Season four opens up with a new opening sequence where characters of the show reveal what has happened in Mystic Falls, leading to our heroine’s death and waking up in transition. Both Salvatore brothers are there and tell Elena that she died with vampire blood in her system, which was given by Meredith after Elena was taken to the hospital due to her injuries caused by Klaus.

Elena is upset, and she is not the only one. Stefan is upset that he let it happen. Damon is upset that his brother let her die and saved Matt. Jeremy is upset that everyone that he cared about died because of vampires and now his sister is one of them. Then there’s Matt, who is upset because he lived and Elena died, became a vampire and had everything to live for. Pretty much, everyone’s upset about something.

So there are a lot of emotions going on, especially when Caroline finds out that Tyler is alive. Well, it’s Klaus since he took over Tyler’s body. Confused? Oh yeah, but it makes an awesome Caroline and ‘Klyer’ make-out session scene, then a punch in the face from Caroline. Rule number one Klaus: don’t deceive vampire Barbie.

However, ‘Kyler’ ends when Klaus demands to be back in his body by Bonnie, who uses dark magic again, defying the spirits. Her use of the magic causes her ties in the other world to be broken, and she is ultimately unable to save Elena from her vampire fate.

Meanwhile Elena, Stefan and Rebekah are taken hostage by the council. Rebekah enjoys watching Elena die, until she watches the devotion that both Elena and Stefan have for one another.

In her final minutes, with the help of Rebekah, Stefan kills a body guard in hopes that Elena will feed and live, and she does. Thus, Elena saves Matt from a very angry Damon, showing her vampire face.

Matt then goes to see Stefan, where they chit-chat about how Matt needs to prove that his life was worth saving. Meanwhile, Elena and Damon talk about Elena’s final decision over the Salvatore brothers and the fact that Elena’s memories coming back, memories which Damon compelled her to forget in the first place.

When all said is done, Elena and Stefan are on roof of the Salvatore mansion watching the sun rise, and hoping for their new together forever.

However, one relationship that ended was the sibling bond between Klaus and Rebekah. Rebekah, who was tired of Klaus never choosing her while she always stood by him, got even. She took the last remaining blood of Elena’s and destroyed it. Really mad, Klaus breaks her neck ending their bond.

But that wasn’t the scene the most shocked fans. During the last scene of the episode, the pastor in charge of the hostage takeover gathered everyone with vervain to discuss their next step, only to open the gas pipe in the house, lock the house with everyone in side (including him) and burned it. Take about WTF!

That’s what happened. Now, what will happen in the upcoming episodes? Let’s begin with the fact that the love triangle is reinstated. Elena’s going to need help, and what better people to help her than the Salvatore brothers?

Next, we have a vampire hunter by the name of Connor, played by Todd Williams. He won’t be making any friends, unless he can persuade young Jeremy. Not only that, but we will learn more about these hunters in a flashback in episode four, where Elijah makes his return on the show.

Two people making their return is a girl name April played by Grace Phipps. She will be an old childhood friend of Jeremy. Another returnee making a presence once more on the CW is The Secret Circle’s Phoebe Tonkin. She will play a werewolf name Haley who helped Tyler break his sire bond from Klaus.

So there’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Now, the real question is did Elena chose the right Salvatore—and who’s the next to be dead?