Talking with TAUK

Talking with TAUK

Meghan Mahar

Instrumental rock-fusion band TAUK is on tour following the release of their third studio album Sir Nebula. Their funky sound has found great success: by the end of their four month tour, TAUK will have performed in over half of the United States. TAUK also recently announced performances for various music festivals including the Electric Forest festival in 2017. TAUK’s keyboardist and organist Alric “A.C.” Carter talked to the Charger Bulletin about their recent releases in preparation for their show in Hamden:

Q: What artists inspire you? What influences your sound?

A: Our music forms through responding and reacting to each other. We listen to a lot of the same music, but also different stuff, so we take the best out of what we all have. I grew up listening to hip-hop, playing classical, listened to The Who and Led Zeppelin—Isaac has a background in gospel, we love jazz and rock organ like Phish—we try to take from both worlds.

Q: New Haven is a college city. How would you describe your sound to students that are thinking about attending your show?

A: It’s like an instrumental Pink Floyd meets The Roots live show. It’s experimental—experimental, eclectic rock fusion with all other elements.

Q: Your latest album Sir Nebula is an adventurous project. What do you want listeners to feel after listening to your album?

A: I hope people take what they can from it.. However, we want people to know that the studio record is an appetizer to the live show. I want to delve into more textures… expand, experiment, take more risks. People respond to risks… Keeping things fresh is very rewarding.

Q: The video for “Horizon” has some really unique visuals including ferromagnetic fluids and vivid colors. Why did you pair these visuals with the song?

A: It’s hard to make a traditional music video that’s engaging. Without lyrics, there isn’t a narrative to work with. We wanted to find something stimulating… and we put paint on petri dishes while a speaker played our song. We wanted something different.

Q: Are there any specific songs (on Sir Nebula or not) with which you have a distinct emotional connection? If not, any general favorites?

A: “Waver” is a song that pretty much everyone brought their own part to. Our strongest songs are where everyone has a fair share in the writing—this song is chill, angular and emotional all at once—it’s a headbanger. It has a little bit of an edge to it.

Q: What should fans expect from attending one of your shows?

A: To have fun. To be engaged, because we’re having fun. It’s infectious—we think about what fans want to see and what we want to put out. There’s lots of good vibes and good energy.

TAUK will be performing at The Outer Space in Hamden on December 10.

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