Take Me Home

Katerina Sperl

When One Direction’s new album came out, I was unsure how I would feel about it. Everyone has that One Direction song that they secretly dance to in the car. However, some of their songs tend to fall into the terrible boy band category. When I asked a male friend for an opinion, he provided that all their songs are the “same song, different tempo,” and even called them “just pretty faces.” However, I was pleasantly surprised.

“Live While We’re Young” is probably the catchiest song on the planet, and I am saying this as a rock fan. While their prepubescent voices saying “let’s get some” took me a minute to get used to, I quickly got over it. The unfitting lyrics are drowned out by the fun beat.

“Heart Attack” is another fun song. The sound effects add playfulness without ruining the song. This song parallels all of Taylor Swift’s in the sense that they are entranced by a person that they see.

“Rock Me” took One direction’s music in a completely different direction. The drum provides a beat that you cannot help but tap your foot to. While the chorus is a little simple, the relatable verses make up for it. Hopefully, One Direction will continue to release more songs like this one.

“C’mon C’mon” is one of those songs that I am just not too sure about. It starts out by comparing the girl he is serenading to the one that he came with. Who does that? After the song mentioned something in this new girl’s eyes, my opinion was slightly swayed. This may be getting somewhere. He lets it slip that his heart is racing and that he knows how to dance. Silly boy, why did you not mention this in the first place?

In contrast, I found two of the songs quite creepy. “Over Again” and “Little Things” are described by three words: eerie, dreary, and creepy. The anonymous male put it best when he said, “I don’t like this song.” I could not agree more. “Over Again” is a breakup song, while “Little Things” seems to have the exact same lyrics and message as “What Makes You Beautiful.” Apparently, to get some with this boy band you need to have incredibly horrendous confidence.

One Direction’s new album has a bit of everything. I found some great songs, some horrible songs, and a wide variety of mediocre songs. Regardless of how I feel about each song, they all will be stuck in my head for a very long time.