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Technology in the Classroom is Necessary

Technology in the Classroom is Necessary

Erin Cuomo, Opinion Editor

September 10, 2019

The most distinguishing factor in the current century is technology.  The digital world has become a part of everyday life, and has been implemented into almost everything we do.    Within the first few days of classes, students get a feeling for their professors’ various teaching styles and pra...

Should College Be Free?

Should College Be Free?

Nadine Bourne, Contributing Writer

March 5, 2019

From the moment high school students apply for colleges, they know that they are going to be in debt for a long time. If you are one of the few lucky students who get a full ride or have everything paid for, then you don’t have to worry about loans and figuring out how you’re going to pay back the ...

New Non-Profit Aims to Teach Immigrant Women

New Non-Profit Aims to Teach Immigrant Women

Kiana Quinonez, Manging Editor

February 6, 2019

America is known as the land of the free and home of the brave. But, for some refugee and immigrant women, a new country with a new language and rules can be very tough to navigate. Elena’s Light was born from this very issue. The organization focuses on educating immigrant and refugee women on the E...

OIT Introduces Education on Phishing

OIT Introduces Education on Phishing

Everett Bishop, Student Life Editor

September 25, 2018

Due to increased encounters with email phishing on the University of New Haven campus, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is now providing students and faculty with a little help. Using videos from LinkedIn Learning, an online branch of the social media platform,  OIT hopes to give “basic train...

Delta Phi Epsilon Urges Students to “Be the Change”

Delta Phi Epsilon Urges Students to “Be the Change”

Everett Bishop, Staff Writer

February 13, 2018

University of New Haven Greek organization Delta Phi Epsilon hosted their “Be the Change” campaign event on Thursday, Feb. 8. The campaign, coordinated by Kassie Winchester, a sorority member, aimed to raise awareness for the sorority’s philanthropy associated with the African Impact Foundation. ...

Maren Sanchez Lives On Through New Foundation

Maren Sanchez Lives On Through New Foundation

Christina Genovese

September 30, 2016

Monday, September 26th, Donna Cimarelli introduced The Maren Sanchez Foundation to the University of New Haven campus. Cimarelli is the mother of Maren Sanchez’s, a young girl who was killed tragically on the morning of her junior prom in 2014 at Jonathon Law High School in Milford, CT. Hosted b...

Imperative Life Lessons that Formal Government Education Does Not Provide

Alessia Bicknese

April 6, 2016

Throughout high school and college, we learn the fundamentals of math, science, social studies, and English. We learn the Pythagorean theorem, how plants obtain their food through photosynthesis, the economic slump known as the Great Depression, and of course, we learn that when an author says, “the...

Felecia Edwards announces her resignation from UNH

Elissa Sanci

May 6, 2015

It was announced on Monday, May 4 that Felecia Edwards, Director of the First Year Success Center and Associate Director of Centers for Academic Success and Advising, is resigning from her positions at the University of New Haven. Edwards will be serving as the Associate Director of Student Success...

Students stage peaceful protest to save the 4+1 Education Program

The Charger Bulletin

November 12, 2014

By Elissa Sanci, Kaitlin Mahar & Steven Mahoney Undergraduate and graduate students of the University of New Haven staged a peaceful protest today, Wednesday Nov. 12 in the Maxcy Quad at 3:45 p.m. as an attempt to save the 4+1 Education Program, which involves students spending four years in the...

The Charger Battery

Kaitlin Mahar

November 12, 2014

Positives: + Aaron Carter spread the word about his new music in a radio interview with WNHU 88.7 staff on Thursday. Based on his rapport with the UNH students (particularly the female ones) at the subsequent meet and greet, he seems to have bounced back from his unrequited love for Hilary Duff. ...

Make Money or Spend Money: What Would You Choose?

Samantha Mathewson

April 17, 2013

The decision to go to college or not comes at a trivial point in a young person’s life, and that lone decision could have a huge impact on one’s future. So is college enough anymore? Or has it become the “new” high school? “A college education produces many outcomes for students, including...

Education Department Receives National Accreditation

Lesha Daley

November 28, 2012

The education department is happy add to UNH’s list of accreditations, earning the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) this year. Students who receive a Master of Science in Education at UNH will have greater marketing ability when applying for jobs because of the advanced...

Veterans Continue Education at UNH

The Charger Bulletin

November 14, 2012

By UNH Today After graduating from high school, Noe Castro ’14 joined the United States Air Force and served three tours of duty in Afghanistan. Upon returning to the States, he decided to enroll in college and picked UNH. “I came back ready,” Castro told the Connecticut Post in a Veterans...

UNH Ranked Among the Top Colleges Nationally for Military and Veterans

The Charger Bulletin

October 10, 2012

By KAREN GRAVA Director of Media Relations WEST HAVEN, CONN. – The University of New Haven for the second year in a row has been ranked in the top 15 percent of more than 12,000 colleges and universities that recruit military personnel by “G.I. Jobs” magazine. “Inclusion on the 2013 l...

Won’t Back Down: Be the Change

Kaela Mason

October 10, 2012

On Sept. 28, Walden Media released its newest film Won’t Back Down. Inspired by true events sparked by the parent trigger law passed California back in 2010, the film is about two mothers who will stop at nothing to give their kids the best education possible. Jamie Fitzpatrick is a single mom livi...

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