Art Space New Haven Brings Art to the City

Art Space New Haven Brings Art to the City

Eli McClain, Contributing Writer

March 7, 2019

Art is designed to evoke emotion, whether it be through dance, music, or visuals. This holds true for Artspace New Haven. Located in Downtown New Haven, the space is far from the typical art gallery experience. Artspace New Haven’s mission is to be a platform for emerging contemporary artists. They ...

Pentopoly: How One Group is Dominating the Genre

Glenn Rohrbacker

November 11, 2015

Ten years ago, acapella music wasn’t even heard of. It existed, but you had to look deep into college campuses and maybe catch a few guys harmonizing under a lamp post at night to hear it. Acapella today is one of the most well-known and emerging genres of the music industry. With the release of Pitch Perfect, a movie that was underground at...

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