Art Space New Haven Brings Art to the City


Eli McClain/The Charger Bulletin

Art Space New Haven is located downtown and offers a unique art experience.

Art is designed to evoke emotion, whether it be through dance, music, or visuals. This holds true for Artspace New Haven. Located in Downtown New Haven, the space is far from the typical art gallery experience.

Artspace New Haven’s mission is to be a platform for emerging contemporary artists. They try to highlight artists in the New Haven/New England area. In addition to having art on display in the gallery, they also have a print catalog featuring up and coming sketch artists.This provides major opportunities for individuals who may still be in school or have just finished and are looking to have their work published.

Eli McClain/The Charger Bulletin
“In the Face of History,” by the artist Adama Delphine Fawundu was showcased in the “In Plain Sight/Site” exhibit.

“The Artspace has been around for 30 years and we are always trying to bring in curators to tell a story of New Haven and New England’s history,” said Sarah Fritchey, one of the gallery curators.

In that time, Artspace has had exhibitions that have featured artists that now teach here at the University of New Haven. This can be helpful to students looking for exposure for their own work. However, Artspace also brings in curators from outside the area, since the contemporary art market in New Haven is still growing.

“It can be a challenge sometimes to bring in outsiders because we have to get them to understand and speak to New Haven through art, and then get them to come back in person to speak about it,” said Fritchey.

Eli McClain/The Charger Bulletin
Maya Vivas’ piece from her series “Black” was showcased in the “In Plain Sight/Site” exhibit.

At the end of each exhibit, they bring in the artists to talk about themselves and the art. This gives the public a chance to interact with the artists as well as express how the works made them feel directly to the artist, which not many art galleries offer. Artspace recently concluded their, “In Plain Sight/Site” exhibit. The purpose behind the exhibit was to bring forth the part of history that is often erased or skimmed through: slavery. The exhibit featured videos as well as audio that force audiences to think deeper about the horrors that took place in that time and how it has shaped several concepts today. The upcoming project titled, “Henshin,” by Binwanka, is a show of experimental video, sound and kinetic installation. If it is anywhere as powerful, moving and impactful as the last exhibit, it will be one that no individual should miss.

For more information on Artspace New Haven, future exhibits, or how to have art featured in their print catalog, visit their website or any of their social media platforms at ArtspaceNH.