Students Have Favorable View of myCharger Portal


At the end of March, The Charger Bulletin conducted a survey on the myCharger system that replaced insideUNH as the student and faculty portal. The survey asked questions about the user-friendliness of the site, as well as the satisfaction of certain aspects of its operation.

Of the 246 students who responded to the survey, over 56 percent, or 138 students, had a very or extremely user-friendly experience. With the ability for myCharger to remember your username and password, students agreed that the sign-in process is much easier.

Although, not as many students believed that myCharger is better than insideUNH, with students giving an average of 3.16 points on a scale of five. Students gave an average score of 3.54 out of five when asked if it was true that everything they needed was on myCharger.

Another question students were asked was their experience with IT support during the transition to myCharger. While 48 percent of students didn’t use any services for help, 44 percent said that their troubleshooting experiences were some degree of positive.

In the survey, students also had the chance to talk about what ideas they had regarding things they would like to see from myCharger. Students pointed out some gaps in the transition that they noticed were missing, compared to the insideUNH system. Student RSO’s are currently not able to access programs on myCharger like SSBanner and EMS. Originally, RSO’s couldn’t login to myCharger at all, which has since been fixed.

Another suggestion was for a mobile app to compliment the online portal, as well as the ability to customize the home page, while another student said, “it just takes some getting used to.”

See the survey results below: