Student Affairs Spotlight: First-Year Success Center

Isaak Kifle


An Interview with Felecia Edwards, Aschlee Cole, and Tiffany Green

Office Location: Maxcy 106

 Hours: Monday-Wednesday 8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.; Thursday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

 Contact: 203-479-4584, [email protected]

Tell us about the history of the center.

The First-Year Success Center (FYSC) began as an idea from the Division of Enrollment Management and officially began operation in September 2010 when Felecia Edwards, previously from admissions, was made the director. Success Coach Aschlee Cole was hired in October 2010 and Tiffany Green was hired in June 2011. The center has expanded greatly within that time and continues to do so, such as with its rapidly expanding mentor program (The Fall 2011 program consisting of 90 mentors and over 200 mentees), as well as its recent establishment of a chapter of the Tau Sigma honor society and acquisition of the existing UNH chapter of the Alpha Lambda Delta honor society.

Who comprises the First-Year Success Center team?

The FYSC consists of three full-time staff. Felecia Edwards is the director of the center and also serves as a success coach. Aschlee Cole and Tiffany Green are also success coaches. From there, the office employs a large number of students, which include student success assistants who operate the front desk and serve as a first contact for anyone that walks into the office, call center representatives, and three students who assist in coordinating the mentor program as well as serve as team leaders. Most recently, the office received a graduate assistant. Lastly, the FYSC team also includes first-year mentors and an advisory board.

What services does the center provide?

The First-Year Success Center provides programs, services, and initiatives that help students achieve academic, social, and personal success at the university. Students can meet with a success coach one-on-one for personal and customized coaching tailored to their needs. A variety of programs and events that the center puts on every semester reinforce success skills and strategies, as well as serving as opportunities to have fun and meet other people. The Success Scholar program encourages and rewards participation in these programs while the center itself serves as a study space with limited free printing.

A couple of the FYSC’s largest initiatives include the first-year mentor program, the call center, and their transfer student and veteran student services. The first-year mentor program pairs incoming first-year students with upperclassmen students selected and trained to serve as a source of information and support. The call center consists of student call center representatives who call first-year students to gauge their satisfaction at UNH as well as provide information and referrals. The center provides programs, services, and assistance for transfer and veteran students to aid in their transition to UNH and college. Most recently, the FYSC serves as an advisor for the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First-Year Students and the Tau Sigma Honor Society for Transfer Students.

Anything else you would like to add?

One very important thing to remember about the First-Year Success Center is that not all of its services are exclusive to first-year students! Anyone can come in and talk to a success coach or utilize the computers and tables for studying or work. There are also opportunities to get involved within the office, such as becoming a first-year mentor or joining the student advisory board. The FYSC and its staff are committed to helping every student succeed at UNH and everyone should feel free to come in with any questions!