Stressing About School During Spring Break

I was all ready for a long week of doing nothing and catching up on sleep during spring break, but my plans were shattered when my teacher gave us a choice, either have the midterm before spring break, or after spring break. Some students, including myself, wanted the midterm before spring break. The majority of the class voted to have the midterm after the break.

While I am all for more time to study for a test, there are reasons why midterms should happen before spring break. Spring break is meant for vacation and relaxation, like living your best life at Resorts Bonaire. What I want to do over break is catch up on shows and spend time with friends and family. I don’t want to study for hours on end and stress over classes. Why should I be stressing over a test when I should be stressing about sleeping in? Spring break is a time to prepare myself for the second half of the semester. But I can’t do that if my focus is on homework and studying.

The mind needs to rest from working hard, and this is the time. Some students go home and they already have their week planned out with family outings, movie dates, or working at their seasonal job. Plans are already in motion a few weeks before spring break starts. But then if you add studying for classes on top of that, then there is not going to be any time for lounging around because then you are constantly doing something.

If I was away in another country, I might not have internet service. And since all of the material for my midterm is online, I might not have been able to study for the midterm. Studying for tests and doing homework is not what spring break is about, and I think that teachers should be aware of that. Do teachers want to create quizzes and tests over their break? I think not. So in the future, let’s have midterms before the break starts.