Stay on Your Own Side of the Sidewalk

Joann Wolwowicz

As you walk around campus and spend time in the various academic and student buildings, how many times have you come across someone who was being inconsiderate to someone else? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, maybe you are the inconsiderate one. Don’t think so, then think again. Maybe you do things that you do not consider inconsiderate, but in reality they are both rude and sometimes even obnoxious. Let’s reevaluate shall we, because sometimes we are oblivious to our surroundings and the things we do.

For instance, if you are walking in or out of a building, take a few seconds to look behind you. Is there someone there? If so, hold the door for that person. It sounds like common sense, but I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people just walk through doors, letting the door close on someone else. It’s rude, and it takes two seconds to be courteous to people walking behind you. That being said, I’ve also seen people who are carrying things have the door closed on them. Be aware of who is walking behind you. In addition to that, if someone does hold a door open for you, remember to say thank you, because it’s also rude to ignore the gesture.

My next example involves elevators. If someone calls out to you as you are entering, asking you to hold the elevator, ignoring them just isn’t very polite just because you want to ride the elevator alone. Also, if you see someone running to catch the elevator, while the door is closing on them, simply pressing the button would open the elevator for him or her (unless you’re in Soundview, in the one elevator whose “open door” button doesn’t properly function). Of course we all like to avoid those awkward elevator silences from the first floor to the fifth floor, but that doesn’t mean that disregarding people is the way to go. Additionally, if you happen to be the person standing by the elevator buttons, break the silence and ask everyone what floor they are going to. This will end the awkwardness and will avoid the situation of people reaching over other people just to push a button.

My final complaint involves students actually walking around campus. When using the sidewalks, try to imagine them as a two way street. If you and your friends are taking up the entire sidewalk, try to remember to move over to one side if people are coming from the other direction. No one should be pushed off of the sidewalk into the street or even muddy grass because you refuse to make room. This occurs daily, especially during the period when classes finish and new ones begin. Stay to one side of the sidewalk and make room for others as they walk the opposite direction. Additionally, if you do find yourself being a sidewalk hog, be courteous and move to the side to let people pass. Bumping into other people is rude, especially if you refused to move and expected them to walk in the street for you.

To conclude, please remember to be considerate of others, because people like me really do appreciate it. Hold doors and elevators for people and stay on your own side of the sidewalk.